Well, as most of you know, Makayla was born Friday March 7 at 12:05 AM.  She was 8 lbs 1.3 oz.  Basically, there was a decision made that they would induce labor.  So, we actually arrived at the hospital on Wednesday night.  That is when the whole process started.  Because this was a smaller hospital, they take things slower.  So, they started the cervidil Wednesday night, and continued that throughout the night.  At approximately 10:30 AM Thursday morning, they started the pitocin.  Although this is a stronger drug for inducing, they started the levels off really low.  They were not rushing this along.  Even with these low levels, her contractions began coming fairly strong and very regular.  At this point, they were coming about every minute, and she was now dilated approximately 4 cm, and therefore, time for the epidural.  Here is where it started to get interesting

The anesthesiologist arrived to do the epidural, but before that was done, the nurses decided to move her  IV spot since it really was not working that well.  They gave her some pain medication to cope with the contractions until they got done.  Unfortunately, they were unable to get a needle into her vein after several attempts in the hands (6 times in one and twice in the other).  After multiple attempts, they settled on putting the IV in her upper arm, and now to the epidural.  Well, that process went well, but maybe too well.  It is now 2 1/2 hours later, and the epidural is not working.  There is no numbness or anything, but the contractions keep coming.  Not a good thing at this point.  Anyway, after a few more minutes, I go out to tell the nurse that we really needed to contact the anesthesiologist again to look into this matter.  This time a different person comes up.  This time Paige really feels it going in, but it works.  Immediately, she is comfortable.  They checked her again, and she is at 6 cm.  So, we are on the way.

Fast forward  hours.  Paige is still 6 cm, and the pitocin is still at a lower level, because they had lowered it and never raised it again after the epidural episode.  So, they increase the medicine again, and come back in 2 hours.  2 hours later, there is no change, other than her water had partially broken, and the Dr did the rest.  But she is still at 6.  At this point, the Dr started talking C-section.  Not what we particularly waned to here, but that's how it goes, I guess.  Well, they decided to give us 1 more hour, and changed Paige's position in bed.  During the wait, Paige started complaining about pressure really low.  The nurses just thought it was her dilating more.  An hour later, I could tell no one really thought there would be much change.  So, the Dr returned to check.  But this time she looked  puzzled.  She asks Paige to push really quickly for about 2 or 3 seconds.  She then turns to me to ask if I wanted to see Makayla's head.  Sure enough, there it was, a very hairy head.  In the blink of an eye, we went from just hanging out to preparing to deliver a baby.  Once everything was set up, Paige pushed for 10 - 15 minutes, and it was all over.  Or should I say it was a new beginning.

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Paige and Michael